I’ve tried to answer most of the frequently asked questions here, but if something is not covered, please do not hesitate to contact me!

What type of couples do you work with?
I work with all couples.  Here are some reasons that couples hire a nondenominational officiant like me:
* May  not belong to a church, synagogue or other religious organization, or whose family minister is not available for their wedding date, or is unwilling to travel to their wedding location
* Want a customized personal wedding ceremony that fits their beliefs
* Are of different faiths and want to blend the wedding customs of their faiths or prefer a neutral spiritual wedding ceremony
* Want a civil/secular wedding ceremony with no reference to religion
* Have a non-traditional wedding location
* Would like to incorporate their personal stories into their wedding ceremony
* May want to have a variety of customs in their wedding ceremony such as the sand ceremony, blessing of the hands, glass breaking, cup of wine ceremony, Celtic handfasting ceremony, unity candle, unity circle, blessing of the rings,    Native American readings and traditions, or many more options that are available.

Do I have to get married in a church?
Absolutely not.  You can get married anywhere you desire – park, home, lake, rooftop… it doesn’t matter.  As long as you have a valid marriage license, the location is up to you.

We’re not really religious people.  Do we have to have a religious ceremony?
You can have any type of ceremony you like.  I have examples of various ceremonies on my website that you can choose from – some are religious and some are not.  You can select from one of those or we can make a new one completely from “scratch”.

We want to write our own vows.  Is that okay?
Certainly that’s fine.    You can write as much of your ceremony as you like.   I will, of course, assist you if you need.

We want to have our children participate in the ceremony.  Is that okay?
I strongly encourage that children take an active part in the ceremony.   There are many different ways that they can participate and we’ll make sure that they are included.

We don’t want a big wedding – just a simple elopement with only us or just a few friends.  Is that okay?
Yes.  I am pleased to perform elopement or small intimate ceremonies.   I am available for short-notice/spur-of-the-moment weddings if my schedule permits.  You’ll find I’m very flexible.

What do you wear when you perform a ceremony?
That completely depends on the type of wedding it is and what you want.   I usually dress conservatively, in a skirt and blouse, or slacks.  I do wear a minister’s robe and white stole if you like.   I’ve also been known to wear jeans – it just depends on what you prefer.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to hear outdoors or in certain venues.  Can you help with that?

Yes.  I have a small, portable p.a. system that I will bring.  It has a wireless mic. that picks up voices very well.   There is also an input  jack so that an ipod/cd player can be plugged in and music provided.  I have had many couples and guests tell me that it’s the first time they have actually been able to hear a couple exchange vows.   I provide this free of charge.  It can run or batteries or electricity, so it’s extremely portable.

We have more questions.  Can we contact you?
Of course!  You can call me at (501) 472-0679 or email me at lisa.shoemake@gmail.com.